Sunday, July 20, 2003

I've just checked into my room at Camp Butmir, in Sarajevo... If you could call it that. Once again, we're staying in what the army calls "transient quarters", and because Butmir is a multi-national base the Canadian army had no choice but to throw us, four deep per room, into the boiling hot second floor of a portable.

One of the big selling points of this SFOR base is the wide variety of International PXes, or Canteens. Based on intelligence gathered from troops at other bases I made a beeline for the American one, only to find last year's electronics at this year's prices. I tried to drown my sorrows in a milkshake at the Baskin Robbins; even that took half an hour, as some poor Serbian woman had to make do with a huge lineup and a blender that was clearly on its last legs.

The good news is that tomorrow night we're playing outdoors to an international crowd, possibly more than a thousand strong. Expect lots of America-bashing :-P