Monday, July 14, 2003

Greetings from Bihac -- pronounced "Bee-hatch", though "bi-atch" sounds way cooler...

The base here, a former car dealership, is the site of our first outdoor show, and the third of our tour. Today is our set up and orientation day, so we were treated to a driving tour of the town and came face to face with our first roped-off mined area. Plenty of photos to come!

Now I'm sitting here in what at one time must have been a car salesman's office, and I can only imagine the sales pitches that must have taken place here:

"You won't find a better deal on a Yugo than this... What? No, It's not diesel; it runs on corn oil, comrade! Now just sign your name here, and we'll call you in ten years when your name comes up on the list..."

Speaking of locals, I got big laughs in the improv set last night portraying one. Back at Camp Black Bear there's a gay Bosnian bartender that everybody knows and loves, named Sasha. He wasn't there to see my spot-on impression, unfortunately, but Milo, his big, burly friend with the gold teeth, was. He told me he enjoyed the performance, but his steely eyes gave me the impression that if I disrespected him again, I'd be in trouble.

Locals are the biggest challenge for the SFOR Stabilization Force in Bihac; most of the their time is spent tracking down mobsters and making their lives miserable. Like I said, we were treated to a driving tour of the town, but we didn't stop at any cafes, and both our driver and chaperone were armed.