Sunday, July 13, 2003

So the army has this rule that everyone can only drink two beers a day. They even issue cards that get stamped for every beer that you have, on every day of every single month.

This means that most folks don't drink until the end of the day, which is obviously good when you spend your daylight hours walking around with guns or flying helicopters, but it also means that people like me, who would normally drink a beer maybe about once a week, are suddenly scrambling to get their daily allotment of suds.

Same with food... "Hurry up everyone! Breakfast is only on for another half hour, and if we miss it we'll have to wait another two before the next gargantuan meal is served..." As for sex, that no fraternization rule means that troops retreat to bunkers to get jiggy with it, and if you believe the bragging, someone is getttin' some on this base every single night!
Gotta make this entry fast... In ten minutes I'm going on a tour of Bosnia... By helicopter!

After a slow start, last night's show turned into a big success, and as usual, we headed over to the patio afterwards for our mandatory two beers. I would never actually drink this much if there wasn't a limit on how much I could drink!

Yesterday we supported the local economy with a trip to the black market CD shop across the road. I chose some local music over pirated copies of Avril Lavigne. After the chopper ride this morning I have the option of visiting a local castle, but I may opt instead to sleep away some more of my hangover...