Tuesday, July 15, 2003

This is so annoying...

It seems that I've got some money owed to CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registry Authority, for my andrewcurrie.ca domain. So instead of letting me know this in advance they decide to suspend my domain without telling me! That's why my permanent website is down.

This morning I'm recovering from what I call switchback fever. The road to Bihac from Camp Black Bear is a curvy one, at several points requiring a 180-degree turn, or switchback. I was advised to sit in the front of the bus to avoid getting car sick, which I did, but on the way back I developed a pounding headache that could only be treated with a couple of hours of laying down. Towards the end of the evening I was feeling better, but didn't want to risk getting another headache from the karaoke that was happening on the patio.